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Haryana Police to give cyber security fresh momentum

IANS | September 13, 2023 12:43 PM

CHANDIGARH: As digital threats continue to evolve and pose challenges, Haryana Police on Wednesday said it has decided to give cyber security fresh momentum.

Under the leadership of its Director General of Police (DGP), the state police force is charting a fresh course towards an enhanced cybersecurity infrastructure with operational headquarters in Panchkula, a police spokesperson told IANS.

With an understanding of the intricate nuances that the digital age demands, the department is making efforts to streamline and bolster its cybercrime initiatives.

This includes the establishment of the state Cybercrime Coordination Centre in the tech-centric city of Gurugram, strengthening the state cyber police station and cyber forensic lab in Panchkula, and further increase the call handling capacity of its dedicated helpline for cyber-related grievances, 1930.

Ensuring strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the grassroots -- from territorial police stations to the expansive network of cyber police stations, reflects their commitment to this digital cause.

“The force acknowledges the need for robust policy frameworks to guide the future of cybersecurity in Haryana. Efforts are underway to develop and recommend policies tailored to address the challenges posed by cybersecurity, digital threats, and cybercrimes,” said the spokesperson.

“The plan places emphasis on fostering collaborative ties with cybersecurity agencies at both the national and international levels. Such collaborations aim to amalgamate best practices, insights, and shared experiences, fostering a unified front against digital threats,” an official statement quoting DGP Shatrujeet Kapur said.

The linchpin of this renewed drive is the training and upskilling of the police personnel.

The state is ensuring that its officers are not just equipped with weapons but also with knowledge.

Training modules, encompassing the latest in cyber threats, defensive methodologies and investigative techniques, are being rolled out.

The DGP's strategy also recognises the importance of public engagement. Plans are afoot to intensify awareness campaigns, targeting both public and private sectors.

These campaigns aim to drive home the importance of cybersecurity, nudging individuals and enterprises towards safe online practices, said the spokesperson.

With digital threats not limited to individuals, the protection of the state's critical digital infrastructure is paramount.

The DGP said as the digital realm remains ever-fluid, the department is keen on staying ahead of the curve. Initiatives are underway to set up robust mechanisms for real-time threat intelligence.

This proactive approach aims to keep Haryana prepared and vigilant against emerging cyber threats.

On the infrastructural side, the fifth floor of the 112 building in Panchkula is slated to be transformed into a hub of cybersecurity.

As Gurugram continues to thrive as a technological nexus, it's fitting that the city will house the state-of-the-art State Cybercrime Coordination Center, on the line of MHA’s India Cybercrime Coordination Centre.

At the helm of these comprehensive reforms is Additional DGP O.P. Singh.


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